Packing List

This is a complete list of the items that I brought with me to country. The things with a line through them are things I wish didn’t bring either because they were a waste of space because I could buy them in country or they were actually just unnecessary. Towards the bottom of this list is another list of things I wish I would have brought. Enjoy, and feel free to contact me with questions!





  • 2 skirts
  • 4 dresses
  • 2 quick dry pants (one zips to shorts the other is a capri style)
  • 2 pairs of shorts (one fabric, one jean)
  • 2 cotton t-shirts
  • 2 quick dry t-shirts
  • 1 pair of boho flowy pants
  • 1 flannel
  • 3 tank tops
  • 2 pairs of leggings
  • Columbia rain jacket 
  • Multiple pairs of underwear
  • Multiple bras (mostly sports and 1 regular)
  • Multiple pairs of crew socks
  • 2 swimsuits


Host Family Gift

  • Calendar with scenes from the PNW
  • Vegetable scrubber with handle shaped like a potato (because I’m from Idaho :))
  • Plastic paintable sun catchers for kids
  • Paints and paint brushes to paint the sun catchers

**Thank you to everyone who helped me acquire all of the things that I did not already have, I would not have been as well prepared without you!


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  • Silverware set
  • Less clothing
  • More spices (cinnamon, pepper, etc. they are available but relatively expensive)
  • Herb seeds (have yet to find fresh herbs)
  • Favorite perfume
  • At least one long sleeve shirt/sweatshirt
  • More pictures from home

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