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It’s been a busy couple of weeks what with projects and attending weddings and finally getting my garden planted I haven’t been able to keep my head on straight. This week I was able to take a small break and go on a mini vaca, I’m calling it my late Thanksgiving celebration. Although I’m not doing any good eating I am catching up on some good and much need r&r. At a later date I’ll try and make a post about the trip but not today.

Today is just a quick check up letting everyone know I’m still kickin and starting to count down the days. As of Tuesday I have about 4 months left in country which is blowing my mind; where did the time go? I can’t believe Thanksgiving has already come and gone and Christmas is only 3 weeks away. Before we know it I’ll be home and turning 25 (quarter life crisis time perhaps?).

But enough about the future and here’s more about the present.

The past couple weeks I’ve attending not one, not two, but three wedding all of which where very long and exhausting but also very fun events. The first wedding I posted about in my last blog so that one’s nothing new. A week after the first wedding I attending the second wedding which was for the daughter of the brother of a nurse at my clinic (ya a whole distant relative thing and I was still invited). A bunch of women from my community and I wore matching dressing and it was fun. The third wedding I attending was for a really good friend of mine named Jenny her wedding lasted two days and I was asked by the mother of the bride if I would take photos and videos in my phone for both days. Needless to say it was a long two days but thank goodness there was a ton of food and because I was doing work for them I never went hungry!

About two weeks ago now I also planted my garden. This year I’m really excited about it because I think I was able to dig deeper than last year so things are really tilled up this time and some plants have already started sprouting! Unfortunately I was a little less organized this year and after I planted the seeds instead of writing down what I planted in each row I just figured I would remember and I’ve already forgotten, except for the broccoli which is a pretty distinctive plant, so I guess it will be a big surprise to me as things start maturing more into fruiting plants!

I’ll be in my village for about another two and a half weeks then I’ll be headed off to my New Years excursion which I’m really excited about. Other then that things have been same ole same ole. The first deadline for some of the schools I applied to has passed so I’m hoping that means they will begin reviewing my applications soon, we’ll see though fingers crossed.

That’s all for now hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving and if I’m lucky and everything goes as planned I’ll have another update for everyone again next week! Until then:

-Peace Out

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  1. Laurie Valentine says:

    I love all the pictures that you posted on this blog. My favorite is the one you have chosen to be your main.

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