The (S’)more The Merrier

In recent weeks I have been occupied with random projects here and there. At this point just trying to keep myself busy so I’m not obsessing over the calendar. Really the more projects I have going on right now the better

My mamas group is still going strong. We consistently have about 12 mamas every time now but earlier this week I finally ran out of iron fish so I’m hoping they will still continue to come even though I no longer have the iron fish supplement to give them.

About two weeks ago we did a second HURU implementation at the secondary school. Although I didn’t have the pads to distribute to this round of girls they were still super engaged and excited about the education we gave which is always exciting for us as facilitators.

Outside of my random work projects I attended a wedding for the daughter of a nurse at my clinic which was fun to be a part of, I even got a dress made with another nurse so we could match for the event. A couple weeks ago a guy who owns a shop many of the volunteers in the Shinyanga region frequent asked if we would like to have a bbq sometime soon and we all agreed it would be fun. After making plans with the guys we set the date. About two weeks ago we had the coolest experience sharing a bbq with Haroon (the shop owner) and his friends. They brought us out to a pond we never knew existed that is surrounded by the remains of what used to be a zoo. They grilled up a ton of meat and we eat pilau then we taught them how to make s’mores. Overall it was a great time and we have talked about having another bbq soon!

Hopefully in the next week or two I will be starting work on the second bathroom. Things have been moving much slower than expected due to some unforeseen issues that have arisen. But again hopefully within the next two weeks we’ll be off and runnin on that project, fingers crossed we can get it done before Christmas.

Although this year I will not be coming home for Christmas, I have some fun things planned for both that and Thanksgiving so keep a look out for updates and pictures from those events!

-Peace Out

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