I Applied to Extend

It’s been a while since I’ve been on here with an update; still don’t have a lot to say but figured it’s been so long I better say something.

A couple weeks back I was a bridesmaid in a wedding of a couple I had never met till the day of the wedding. It was interesting to say the least, overall it was a fun experience to say I’ve had and I meant some fun people.

I recently decided I wanted to get involved in the environmental club at the secondary school so I went over and talked to a teacher to get more info. After leaving the school I was under the impression I would be returning the next week to introduce myself and observe. When I showed up to do so the teacher that normal runs the club greeted me and then proceeded to say the whole hour and a half was mine, goodluck, and goodbye he was leaving to do other work. Obviously you can imagine how surprised I was at this seeing as I hadn’t prepared anything and I knew nothing about the club. It was a pretty rocky start but together the kids and I made some plans moving forward and I give my first official lesson next week!

Another exciting update is I think I finally got a mamas group started! For about two and a half months now I have tried to start a group for anemic pregnant women so that I could give education and provide them with tools they need to help better their health. It took a while, but last week we finally got 12 mamas to show up and it went amazing! Everyone was engaged and excited and I even cooked a classic Tanzanian food “ugali” and everyone tried it and said I did a good job, so you know I felt pretty good about it.

Lastly in terms of projects, I will be building a second bathroom, this time at the secondary school. We will be starting in the next couple of weeks, we broke ground on it last week and a contractor has been chosen so I will be busy with another grant project coming up here soon. Keep an eye out for pictures and updates of that to come!

Officially last for this round of updates, I’m sure you’re wondering about the title of this blog; I’ve put it off long enough and I guess I should address the questions you may have. It is true that I applied to extend my service here in Tanzania for an addition year. The position I applied for was the Health Peace Corps Volunteer Leader (health pcvl) where my role would essentially be to assist all staff, but more specifically health programming staff, with health related trainings, site development, and any other work that they may need my assistance on around the office. The position would move me from where I am living currently in Shinyanga to Dar es Salaam and I would be working in our main office there. This is a position that I have considered applying to since the beginning of time so when the application came out I didn’t question whether or not I would be submitting one. About three weeks after submitting my interest in the position I received an email stating that I would have an interview the following week. Last Monday I picked up the phone and completed a 30 min interview, when the interview was over something just didn’t quite feel right. After thinking about it more and more I was torn between whether or not this was really the right decision for me to make; whether staying here one more year really was the best thing for me and my overall well-being. On Friday afternoon the decision was made for me and a section of the email read as follows, “while your answers were clear and in-depth, we have chosen another candidate for the role.” To tell you the truth I caught myself smiling while reading that whole email. I couldn’t be more excited to say that I will be coming home next year when I am finished with my service! I am beyond excited to come back and go to school (oh ya by the way I applied to some schools, let’s hope I get an acceptance emails from them!), I’m excited to begin my post undergrad life stateside (for real this time), and to see my friends and family again!

Thanks to everyone who has supported me so far in this journey! We have about 6 more months to go until I’m off on my next adventure so I wanted to left everyone know that if you’ve ever wanted to send a package, a letter, postcard, whatever I would suggest the last time to send these things so there will be sufficient time to receive them before I leave (and sufficient time for them to get lost and be found again) would be early to mid December! Thanks again for all the support, it really does mean the world to me!

-Peace Out

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