Where The Magic Happens:

And when I say magic I mean cooking; this is where the cooking happens.

Before I get into the “meat” of this riveting blog, I’d first like to address the official entering into the 20th month of my Peace Corps Service. Late last week I closed down shop on my 19th month and entered swiftly into what some are calling the third trimester; a time when what’s next is almost within grasp and the excitement is building, but also when your feet start to swell and you begin to stress about what’s really important to pack in the hospital bag or in my case trying to make the decision about what’s next for me after this. As of this moment I am still going back and forth between two options but preparing diligently for both, only time will tell which way the wind will finally blow me.

With that being said I haven’t been doing much since the last time I posted an update since I have been spending the majority of my free time studying. Next week I will be off to take the GRE, then from there make my way to a small vacation I have gifted myself for all the  studying work I have been doing. Moral of the story no matter how I do I’ll be spending the week after the test on the beach with some friends and a drink it my hand so looking forward to that.

Now onto the “meat”…. tried to be kinda punny there twice now you know since this is a food blog? Also ironic because I hardly ever eat meat anymore so I don’t even think there will be a meat item pictured in this blog. Anyways…. seeing as there have been a lack of projects occurring (see previous paragraph for reasoning) I had to get kinda creative about what I was going to write. It’s been so long since I posted I felt it overdue, just had to come up with something.

I finally decided that people ask me so frequently what I eat or what the food over here is like I attempted to document everything I ate last week in order show you rather than try to explain every little thing. Typically I make the same thing for breakfast every morning (2 eggs and if I have a bell pepper I chop that up in it) but sometimes it ends up being leftovers if they occur since I have no where to keep them and they go bad before I can eat them for dinner again so breakfast has to do. Dinner is usually just based on what I have that’s going to go bad first aka veggies or whatever I can cook quickly if I’m super hungry. And lunch is so sporadic I don’t even know if I can consider it a meal anymore. The yellow tank on the counter featured in the cover photo of this blog is where I do the majority of my cooking, it’s a little gas camp stove and it can last me anywhere between 2 months to 8 if I’m conservative before it needs to be replaced. My other cooking option is a little charcoal stove that I use to cook things that take a long time like beans or things like cakes because I can make a sort of oven out of it by putting one pot inside of the other and putting hot coals on top as well as the bottom. It’s not a lot but I’ve made it work for almost two years now so I think I’m doing okay with what I got!

Along with the pictures of all my food there are also pictures of a wedding I went to and a bunch of clothes that I’ve either gotten made or purchased recently.

-Peace Out


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