Quick Update

Not to much has changed in the past two weeks.

I officially sent in my grant to be closed and the closer was accepted so that project is complete with no turning back! Thank goodness.

I recently registered to take the GRE in September so I have been studying my heart out although, we’ll see if it will be enough when test day actually comes. I have a small reward planned for myself the week following the test so I either way I’ll have the week to celebrate or cry numerous times before having to come back to my community and carry on with projects.

Last weekend we had the pleasure of celebrating a man in the Shinyanga regions 60th birthday. Brian and I have been together since day one, as we were in the same learning group during pre-service training. As luck would have it we were both assigned to the Shinyanga region and ever since we have kept in contact whether it be because we bump into each other in town or because we text each other with random funny updates. Through everything I am happy to have had Brian there from the beginning and I am happy to have met him during this crazy ride, he really is a great guy to have around.

Most of this pictures in this blog are a little random as they consist of a trip I took a while back, a group of mamas feeding their babies uji: porridge (they all really wanted me to take pictures of them posing), and then a few from the festivities with Brian. Enjoy.

-Peace Out

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