Cruisin’ Through

It’s been a while since I’ve posted on here but I promise it’s been for good reason, buuuuttttt we’ll save that for another post!

Since coming back from traveling with my family I’ve been really busy with various projects. I feel like I’m finally settling into a consistent work pace and things are moving along nicely. I attended a sort of celebration for a group of women in my village who, with the help of an NGO, learned how to dye a local fabric called batiki. This was exciting to attend because at the end they put their products they had produced throughout the week up for sale and of course I bought some!

Recently I purchased a bike. It’s been the best decision thus far and I’m actually disappointed in myself that I did not buy one sooner. As I’ve said I’ve been pretty busy so it’s been important for be me to be able to get around faster and it’s come with the added bonus that I’ve been wearing pants around the village more.

My first line of business with the bike was another Grassroot Soccer club we started in the village next to mine. For 3 days straight I got up in the morning and got on my bike for the 15 min ride to the school in the other village to assist my counterpart in teaching 36 standard 7 students a plethora of information about HIV. We’ve done this club multiple times at this point but it’s still always so interesting to hear the answers each new group of kids has for the questions we ask them.

Last weekend I attended a short 2 day meeting in Mwanza, had a bit of a rest, and enjoyed some good food before I came back to jump head first back into my current projects.

Not a lot to say this time around because I’m saving the big thing that’s been going on for another post, but stay turned because it should be done very soon!

-Peace Out

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