Guest Appearance

I had my first guests!

If you didn’t already know or you couldn’t tell by my main picture, I recently had the pleasure of traveling and seeing a new part of Tanzania with my parents! The planning was long and the packing list was longer but they couldn’t have come at a better a time and I couldn’t have been happier to have them here!

The very first day of our trip I had the opportunity to be with my mom on Mother’s Day for the first time in five years! Although we didn’t spend the whole day focusing on that sole fact it was still fun at the end of the day to think I spend the whole day with my mWom showing her around part of the place where I live.

From the beginning of our planning it was always on the agenda to somehow get to Morogoro and have them meet Mama Nelly. As luck would have it the day we attempted to carry out those plans everything was against; we got to the bus stand and we were told that we needed to pay to put our bags under the bus (not true and I told this to the man in Swahili and he was shocked, settled that little tif), next we waited in traffic for 3 hours not even 10 miles outside the bus stand where we boarded at 5 in the morning for the 6am bus, annnndddd to top all this off the whole morning during the bus ride the rain poured like it had no end. Luckily for us we reached Morogoro just as the rained stopped and we meet Mama Nelly without anymore problems. We sat, ate fruit, and Nelly wrapped my mom in scarves and showed her around the house, it was a great time to say the least.

After just a little under 24 hours we board another bus and made our way back to Dar to then board a plane and make our way to Arusha.

Wednesday we began our quick but amazing 4 day safari where we travelled to Tarangire national park, did a cultural tour in the village of Mto wa Mbu which translates to mosquito creek, and finished the week with my birthday and a quick dip down into the Ngorongoro crater. Allan, our guide on this trip, was for all of us nothing short of amazing but for me personally very refreshing to meet. To spend extensive time with a Tanzanian so open to different ideas about people and things and also has so much respect for the environment was a new and great experience.

Allan had answers for all the questioned we asked and was extremely knowledgeable offering up antidotes whenever we’d spot something unusual. On top of being an amazing guide he chose exceptional facilities to do business with for lodging, during our trip we stayed in places I would have never even dreamed existed. For my birthday, at the suggestion of my mom, Allan spoke with kitchen staff at one of our lodging areas and asked if they could prepare a surprise for me during dinner. If you know me you know I love treats, desserts, so of course after dinner I ran right over to the dessert table and grabbed myself a couple things, not 10 seconds after sitting down with my plate a loud parade of song and dance emerged from the kitchen holding a cake! It was so fun to spend my birthday there and I even cut and shared the cake in the traditional Tanzanian way by feeding everyone. I don’t have enough kind words to say about Allan and I can only hope that he will continue to have great success in his life; if I were ever to do any other Safari I would reach out to him again without hesitation.

We spent the last 2 days of our trip exploring small parts of Arusha and eating lots of traditional Tanzanian food. It’s been a long time since we’ve spent time together like that and it was great to do it somewhere we had never been before. It was sad to say goodbye and get back to my reality but I have a lot of great projects in the works right now so I’m staying extra busy, I can’t believe it’s already June!

I got my first big family trip in the books and I’m hoping the next one will be in a year or two with my Dad so keep a look out for that!

-Peace Out

*unfortunately I couldn’t get the pictures from the cameras to load on my blog so the only ones I have to offer here are the crappy quality ones from my phone. However, if you head over to my Facebook all the pictures from our trip are there including a video or two 🙂

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