Friday’s The New Thursday

Good morning or afternoon wherever you are in the world!

As time goes on I’m getting worse and worse at keeping this blog updated, but I’m trying! It seems like I have nothing going on and then all at once everything is going on.
First a couple updates from my last blog! While I was gone from my village for 2 weeks the education for both the pregnant mothers and the HIV patients continued so that’s a good sign those projects maybe be sustainable even after I leave. Unfortunately we had no rain the whole entire time I was gone so we had to wait to distribute more OFSP because they were starting to die. Luckily we got some rain yesterday so hopefully next week we will begin distributing them again.
During the 2 weeks I was gone I had the opportunity to spend a week with the new health trainees attempting to impart some of my knowledge of WASH and nutrition projects onto them. It was great to spend time with them, their energy is so high and they are just excited to get going, it was refreshing to have that in my life and also crazy to think that just one year ago I was in their position. In just one year my life has changed so much it just blows my mind to think how much it could change again in my second year here.
After spending the week with the trainees I made my way to Dar for a health committee meeting of about three days, although we got there kinda early so we had a couple days to hang out before the work began! That week was fun to hang out with Ed volunteers I had not meet and spend the evenings just relaxin at whatever happy hour we could find.
Unfortunately when I got home my garden looked less then happy…. I don’t know if the girl I ask to come and water it just forgot or didn’t know how but she watered all the plants inside my house so it’s very confusing. I’ve spent the last week and a half since coming home trying to revive it, we’ll see how it goes!
In the upcoming weeks I have quite a few things planned. I’m still doing education for the pregnant mamas and the HIV patients, I’m also still doing grassroots but next week we will be finished with that. The grant I was working on is still in progress but no new updates because we’re still waiting for info… Thursday and Friday next week I will hopefully be doing a project with the secondary school talking about gender equality, menstruation, and the importance of proper care during menstruation.
My next big travel will be in May when we do our mid-service training. We recently have been receiving many emails about the schedule and things we will be covering throughout the week and one of those things is what to do after Peace Corps and I just can’t believe we’re already talking about that already. I keep going back and forth on what I wanna do and I’m sure it will stay that why until I am forced to make a decision so….until October I guess haha.
Anyways not to much excitement with this blog so until next time!
Peace Out 🙂


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