Some People Drown In A Pool Of Tears…

For me it will definitely be a pool of sweat!

I swear it’s 200 degrees and never cools down, even in the night. There are some days I would love to stay home just so I don’t have to wear clothes but that’s practically impossible as of recently. In the 3 weeks since my last post I feel like I haven’t stopped running; running to meetings, running to peoples houses, running to town. Coming back from training I still had a small hint of…. nothing, still just waiting for the ball to drop and then somehow, out of nowhere, it did and I guess I didn’t even realize it. Starting a couple weeks before training I think I was just sort of in a funk trying to keep myself busy while waiting for training to happen so I could start projects; I had a lot of time to just sit and be by myself…myself and my thoughts that is. But in this last 3 weeks I finally feel like things are starting to pick up for me and I’ve  refound the spunk. This blog like most others will be a random mash up of updates, news, and cultural observations only visible to a trained professional (you know because I’m so trained and I’m such a professional).

Im excited to say that I was recently selected to be a member of the Health Committee for PCTZ which means at the end of this month I will be making the journey to Dar for that committee meeting. I’m looking forward to getting more involved and hopefully learning more things myself. Health committee has recently been revamped, as before it was 2 separate committees (HIV and Malaria) but now the 2 have joined forces in order to help incorporate other health concerns in the fight against these two major issues. The committee helps with writing grant templates, being a resource for volunteers to reach out to concerning health topics, and a variety of other health related issues (which are plentiful here in PCTZ).

I attended my first wedding! This has been long anticipated as most of my fellow cohort members have attended one and speak with great excitement about them. It was so fun to see the nurses I interact with everyday ditch their normal work uniform for a beautiful dress and jewelry, a couple of them even put on some makeup. We went, we ate, and we danced. Although we did not stay for very long (babies aren’t gunna deliver themselves) I was able to see the bride and groom and be a part of the gift the nurses brought.

Last weekend I also had the amazing opportunity to join a woman who works for an NGO that has come to my village a time or two on a project she did independently. We visited a children’s sanctuary that houses those with disabilities and albinos. The facility runs solely on donations so anything they receive they are truly grateful for. While we were there we interacted with the kids, ate some cake, and like most other events I’ve gone to recently, danced. At the end of the day we presently the faculty with many things ranging from food to school supplies, bags of cement for a project they are currently working on, even clothing and sanitary pads for the young girls that live there. Friends of Bhoke was an amazing project created by Bhoke herself and she hopes she will begin gaining enough support so as to one day hopefully turn it into not just a project but a foundation focusing on children and youth.

Last but certainly not least I finally started GrassRoot Soccer!! After 3 weeks of meeting with teacher and parents, collecting students names, and coordinating times we had our first meeting with our primary school club,  Gold Star, yesterday and I don’t think it could have gone any better! My counterparts led the lesson so well and I think the kids were excited and engaged for the whole 3 hours (the practice was only supposed to be about an hour but we were very thorough haha)! Tomorrow we are meeting with the parent of our community team and starting another practice right after that!

In recent non-important, first world problem updates the fan I bought a few weeks back decided to crap out on me last night and I woke up in a puddle of sweat, so looks like I’ll be needing to get another one of those bad boys soon!

-Peace Out 🙂


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