Sunscreen: The New Daily Moisturizer

The pass weeks I have had to learn to readjust to the new changes in weather. As of recently the ever deceiving cooler mornings are an inaccurate foreshadowing of the windy, extreme-sun filled day that follows. I have been using the phrase “jua ni mbaya kwa ngozi kama hii”, which loosely translates to the sun is bad for skin like this, all while pointing to my slightly tanned and freckled (these have been interesting to try and explain to people) forearm. Even my hairstyles have been effected by this change in weather as I have to make sure if I put my hair in braids I either have to stay inside that day or make sure I apply sunscreen liberally to the top of my scalp (already made the mistake of forgetting this once and it is a mistake I will never make again).

Although the sun has been strong, it has not stopped me from venturing about. In recent weeks I have been feeling a little more confident in stepping out and beginning to visit people’s homes. Asking questions and spending time with different families. The current season is the time of harvest so I have been taking part in a lot of potato peeling and cutting (it’s like I never left Idaho). I also recently started having street meeting (I’ve actually only been to one so far) but the first one was great. With lulu there to be the primary info giver and question asker I have found out a lot of information just from the one meeting.

I also believe that I have found a counterpart for a project I hope to do after coming back from a training in August. No pictures of him just yet but I’m sure there will be many to come after we being so I’ll save his debut for a later date!

Among the business of everything else I was able to take a little time and have a vaca with some other volunteers from the Shinyanga region. We ended up going to Mwanza where we relaxed, ate fresh fish, and had the opportunity to rent a boat and a guide for a tour around a small portion of Lake Victoria, it was beautiful.

Things with my home have been coming along slowly but surely, this week we have finally broken ground and started the project of building a fence. Hopefully in the next post I will be able to show you the final project of the mini fortress I have waited some time to have put up!

The pictures below are a random collection of things I’ve noticed, some families I’ve spent time with, and my trip to mwanza.  Hope you enjoy!

-Peace Out

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  1. Laurie Valentine says:

    Beautiful pictures. I love the sunset picture on the lake. Glad you get to go have fun while your working.

    Liked by 1 person

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