Like The Picture Of This Onion….

…..this post has plenty of randomness to fill your life.

I forgot to post last week so I felt like it was necessary to post this week to make up for it, although there is not much to announce.

Thanks again to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and sent me gifts, really made me feel loved halfway across the world!

I’ve started to discover more baking and cooking ticks so I have made a cake and fried plantains to make chips. I still haven’t mastered cooking beans but maybe one day that will come, I have two years right?

If you know me, you know currently I do not have a fence around my yard and I have been waiting veeeeerrrryyy patiently to get that privacy someday. I think it might still be to early to say but the sand to build the block at least now exists in front of my home so we might be making some progress.

I have provided more pictures of the inside of my home so everyone can see what I have done with the place (I’d like to say I think I did a pretty good job).

Finally I have made it a personal project to attempt growing avocado seeds and this week the first little stem had decided to try and peek out. I’m excited to see if the rest do the same.

Like I said mostly random nothingness but now at least you know I’m still chuggin along.

-Peace Out

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